macOS Malware Encyclopedia

With a massive growth in new malware and infections, macOS security awareness is now more important than ever. Yet many people believe that if they are using macOS they are safe and should not be concerned about getting infected. Even though malware for macOS is years behind Windows malware in the sense of sophistication, complexity and number of infections, macOS malware is becoming more sophisticated as time goes by. Furthermore, it uses more ways to infect, evade and abuse the macOS architecture to deliver malware, for example - using applications signed with legitimate Apple developer certificates to avoid detection.

During the years, a lot of researchers were hunting for OS X malware. They analyzed and wrote detailed reports to raise awareness on the matter. However, since there are not many available resources on macOS malware we decided to establish this portal, as a one stop shop for all OS X malware related information.

For credits and full analysis reports, you can refer to links to each malware. These will take you to the original online resource for that particular malware.

Ofer Caspi (@shablolForce)