Dummy, discovered by Remco Verhoef in 2018, has an unusual propagation way (yet Social Engineering is one of the most common attacks). An attacker sends the malware to users in Slack/Discord applications, which are popular among cryptocurrency communities, a message that asks the user the execute a command in the terminal. In this way the attacker hopes to catch people that will be naive enough to execute it. The malware will then create a file “dumpdummy” on the infected computer that will contain the user’s root password when he enters it:

Source: sans edu

The command above will download and execute the malicious file itself. Once the malware is executed, it will create and execute a shell script “/tmp/script.sh” that will open a reverse shell that will enable an attacker to connect remotely to the victim’s machine and execute additional commands. Below is the shell script:

Source: sans edu

Source: CheckPoint